Luke Hanscom

CoFounder of The Range

Lotta Studio & The West River Arts Studio projects.

Published Photographer in the Fashion & Product Industry

Post Production for Commercial Advertising and Printed materails


Mistina Hanscom

CoFounder of The Range 

Lotta Studio & The West River Arts Studio projects.

Published Photographer in the Fashion Industry. In addition,

Post Production for Commercial Advertising and Printed materails


Travis Carbonella

Storytelling represented at its best. Video capture, editing and release of high quality, captivating short films.



James Capuras

COO of Digital Contact, Int'l Digital Marketing Firm

The strengths and beauty of technology allow me to work remote, and still be a part of a thriving art community.

Businessman, Art Ambassador, father, neighbor and happy to be here.




born in Moscow

raised in New York City

educated at The Rhode Island School of Design

i am a multi-skilled artist, designer, and animator who loves art of all kinds


Liah Sinquefield

My photography is driven by my ability to connect with my clients deeply enough to appropriately capture the honesty in their individuality. As human beings we tend to feel lonely and misread, rarely exposing who we are. What inspires my work, is the ability to change that narrative through intimate portraiture, leaving you with an image that exudes power, familiarity, and grace.

lizzieLizzieDonius_0096 1.jpg

Lizzie Donius

Executive Director of The Westville Village Renaissance Alliance [] Inspired film producer and Westville champion.


Stephen Dest and Nate Blair

Partnering to bring caffeine and creativity to the Westville patrons.


Hanifa Washington

I’m a visionary, producer, project manager, community builder, web designer, singer-song writer, performing artist, healer, master reiki practitioner, local foods supporter & creative vegan cook living in New Haven, Connecticut.

As a cultural activist I view my creativity as radical medicine for the heart and use it as a tool for liberation, healing, and community building.


Johnathon Henniger

In the thick of photographic Journalism.


Rebekah Fraser

Like many of us on The Range, Rebekah L. Fraser [hyperlink] is what we call a multi-hyphenate creative: writer-designer-communications strategist-project manager-social entrepreneur with a degree from Yale. Rebekah's writing has appeared in outlets throughout North America, including Christian Science Monitor,, The Writer, and The MOON Magazine. Rebekah is currently seeking representation for her first novel and revising her second book, an environmental romance. A social entrepreneur and community builder, Rebekah creates and organizes both local and global events. Her most recent endeavor is Local Lit @ LOTTA [hyperlink to], a literary reading and talk-back event for New Haven area authors.

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Bennett Lovett-Graf